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What is Skyknights?

Skyknights is the combination of the tactical approach of a real-time strategy game and the problem-solving of a puzzle game. Lead your unit of knights into battle against the mischievous alchemist and his fearsome minions and explore a vast and diverse world floating beyond the clouds: The player’s travels lead him from enlivened forests over arid deserts to chilling icewastes.

Skyknights Team

Skyknights is being developed by the folks at Manatea Entertainment

Sebastian "Faddor" Grote

Game Designer

Stefan Kessler

Game Designer

Tobias "Cody" Adloff


Jonas Kesselmeier


Julian Bornemeier

2D & 3D Arts

Julian Werthmann

3D Arts

Christopher Bernal

3D Arts & UI

Nick Münstermann

3D Arts & Animation

Hanna Siek

3D Arts & Animation

Rigo Neumann


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