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Skyknights is the combination of the tactical approach of a real-time strategy game and the problem-solving of a puzzle game. Lead your unit of knights into battle against the mischievous alchemist and his fearsome minions and explore a vast and diverse world floating beyond the clouds.

The player’s travels lead him from enlivened forests over arid deserts to chilling icewastes. Over 90 levels the player must battle the minions of the alchemist to defend his kingdom. While progressing through the different regions of the kingdom, the player unlocks skills like a meteor or a blizzard to aid his Skyknights in combat and unravels the mystery behind the sudden attack of the alchemist and his motives for destroying the kingdom.

Fact Sheet

All you need to know about Skyknights

  • Developer: Manatea Entertainment, located in Paderborn, Germany
  • Goal of our app: Combining the tactical approach of a real time strategy game and logical problem solving of a puzzler
  • Why should people play our game: Beautiful and unique artstyle, new approach on RTS for mobile devices
  • Main mechanic: Sending your units against the enemy through path drawing
  • How many levels? 90
  • Business model: In-App Advertisements
  • Platforms: Android, iOS (soon)
  • Release date: Q1 2017
  • Optional Future Content: More worlds, daily level, multiplayer mode
  • Price tag: free
  • ESRB Rating (Age like USK, PEGI): PEGI 12, USK 6, ESRB 13, ACB PG
  • File size: ~ 100mb
  • Press Contact:
  • Social:
  • URL Homepage:





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